Cheerios Moments of Good at Walmart

Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to your questions below or see the Official Rules for complete promotion details.

What is the digital reward?
(8,000) Digital Rewards: Code for $2.00 towards the purchase of a Family or Mega Sized box of Cheerios cereal at Walmart.

To receive the digital reward, simply register (submit your first name, last name, and email address). Digital rewards are sent via email. Subject to availability. Limit one (1) per person/email address. Terms and conditions apply. See the Official Rules for complete details.
Why should I nominate someone?
When you nominate someone, you'll be entering them for the ultimate Moment of Good (an opportunity to win $5,000 awarded in the form of ten (10) Walmart eGift Cards). It's a reward for all the good they do in your community! This is a contest, so be sure you provide an inspiring and detailed answer about how your nominee makes an impact on your community with the good they do.

Plus, for submitting a nomination, you'll receive a gift from Cheerios.

Please see the Official Rules for complete details including judging criteria and prize information.
When do I need to submit a nomination by?
You'll need to submit a nomination before 2/28/21 or before (500) total nominations have been received. Check the main page to see how many nominations have been received so far.
I think I'm having technical issues. What should I do?
Try these troubleshooting tips:
  1. Make sure you're using the most up to date version of your browser.
  2. Check to see that JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings.
  3. Clear your browser's cookies and cache.
I have recently moved or updated my email address. Can I change my registration information for this promotion?
We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to the number of participants we have in each promotion, we are unable to change registration information. If you have any further questions, please fill out the form below so we may assist.
Why can't I use a P.O. Box address?
Your home address allows us to identify your residence for eligibility purposes and tell us where to send your gift or prize.